Typical question

She has left this Old-Fashioned and Fixed-with-stupid-idiotic-syllabus SMJK to Dalat, a somehow famous and rich international school on the island. Regardless of the extremely high cost school fees, she made up her mind to give it a try, for “education freedom”, I shall say. Some told me this and some debated that; I am apparently ignorant of the various nesses of both, losing a discernment to pick the true path.


    I started to like Int school syllabus ever since a chance to glance at Uplands Int School Biology text book. It certainly ROCKS! the explanations about scientific terms are direct and clear. They cover most of the questions you may come out with, aren’t like our… haiz… But of course, it costs around a hundred bucks per piece. *Choke* Meanwhile, the education in international schools seems to be more systematic than locals. Min said that the sequences of the topics especially in science subjects are well arranged, this allows students to understand things easier.


    Not forgetting to pity the Business class students in locals for studying accounts in Malay. They have to suffer when the language in teaching switch suddenly from Malay to English when they further their studies in universities. Brother nagged that even form 6 business class does not have a proper Malay perdagangan reference book. 


    Back to the point, the most important thing that blinks most of the local students is the wholesome to not having Moral exams! Hooray! I mean.. Come on! How the stupid hell on earth the government is trying to test our moral values on a piece of high quality paper? Saving trees?? The first moral definition does make me cry. “Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan”? Free thinkers believe in themselves and they need no guide from a high school text book, okay…? I’ll do well in my life.


    The sickness of transferring from SMJK is back, I guess… I mean… I don’t know! Tried asking for opinions from the adults, especially an admirable English teacher in school, Mr. Jason. At first he promoted local education as it is at least better than some "Mundur" countries, then he advised us that education does not only include what of those knowledge obtained from the book, it also relates to one’s personal thinking and behavior. He criticized that some high certified graduators would easily lose his job to a street-smart due to his failure to express and perform himself well in a job interview. He spent some time talking about this but I couldn’t really get the point. I assumed that he was trying to tell me that it does not really makes much different to study in locals and internationals. “But of course, if you pay more you get better education.” –Last sentence from him. I hope I did not misinterpreted his talk. Was he trying to say that ‘rich students can go int schools very good; poor students just stay here LA no problem.’ Like that AR??


    So, what’s the conclusion..?


11 responses to “Typical question

  1. you dont have to necessarily pay more for education,there\’s a way – applying for scholarships for better education.you pay more just to get a better study environment and responsible teachers.the fees paid montly to Dalat is RM400, much cheaper compared to Uplands which costs a few thousands or maybe RM10K above.and i realised something, english teachers are always the best, though they normally just crap in classes.it\’s fun and very educational sometimes just to listen to them.

  2. sorry there\’re a few typing errors,sleepy~nitez.

  3. WC,

    RM400 is still not a small amount.
    we\’ll jz stay here and hafal those definisi-definisi..
    Good day.
    Indeed, they ROCKS!
    I would say,
    one of the enjoyable thing to study in 4S2 is the great chance to listen to MR. Jason almost everyday in class.

  4. Maybe we should say that, the world is always unfair..
    Probably due to this absurd reason, it might be a big difference between rich students n poor students.
    For an example, studying in international school really save a lot of time.
    But, somehow I feel like, they have to use money to \’buy\’ the time.
    Anyway, saving the time is definitely an advantage.
    And of course, those students must work very very hard as the levels are much higher than us.-the normal student-. xD
    When I first saw Haiying\’s bio text book…. like OMG…….

  5. HEY!
    i found out something,
    moral subject isn\’t that bad,
    it helps alot in malay essays,
    especially when we\’re asked to write about peranan,
    i think i can actually use those nilaiS and definisi-definisi in my essays.

  6. CY,
    That\’s y poor fellows have to work hard to achieve it.
    I have a unspeakable feeling that someone, like "God" will be there to make things fair..
    You may not see it now, someday.. it will come. =)
    I hate both subjects la…

  7. BM essay papers always make me feel like tearing it to sherds xDyes everybody knows that BM sucks, but moral sucker.we don\’t have any other choice unless you\’re rich enough to transfer to int sch or maybe migrate to another countryit sounds funny, but it\’s possible =)=Pnvm la, try to acceptstudying in locals doesn\’t mean that you\’re lousyas long as you\’re willing to learn during the process, nothing is badif you were lackadaisical, it would be the same no matter in locals or inthaha, jia you ba =)

  8. I really really feel like transfering,
    but there are too much reasons for me to stay,
    especially our friendships..
    Gah.. X)
    Have fun in SMJK still,
    we\’ll see each other every school day.

  9. we want LOVE,not HATE.you just have to crap with strong bases of facts in ur essays,then u\’ll do wellXD

  10. GF,
    Writting like those in our Komsas books..?
    But it\’s just stupid la wei…
    I\’ll try my VERY best to LOVE it.. Blueh

  11. "Rich students can go international school, poor students can just stay at local one " .This statement,as much as I hate to admit it, is very true.Nowadays, the world is materialistic.You got money, you get better treatments.That is the fact,which makes it even more true to us,non-bumiputera.But we can\’t blame anyone at all. Just blame our fate bad luck la.I once had the same thinking as you.Asking parent to "invest" on me first , but then on second thought, it would be too costly and too big a burden for my parents.So, I guess the best option is still,staying in local till form 5,finish SPM and faster chao from local :P.Hopefully can get scholarships  lor.If not, loan and study overseas.You can think of this as some kind of "investment".The conclusion is, for now, go school play play only, SPM serious one year, then finish liao , you can be a happy gal liao =D. ( or maybe everyday buy toto hope can strike lor  ^^ )

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