Peace, No rain.

Right, what I can say about last weekend?

Running around.. busying.. leaving all the books behind, like usual..

Little Bug Bug.

It was wet and damp. A typical raining season. =/ 
Sarah’s camp was totally ruined by the non-stopping-heavy-rain.
Nobody knows whether they can pass their permit test.
Nobody tend to guess the answer.
We went to lend a helping hand. And besides that, I have no idea what I can do now..
I wish Mrs Aru and Pn Chan would be kind enough to give them a chance…


That’s joanne. 


Mopstick and I
Generally, the precious 6 are busy doing 2 things: Preparing for the coming Permit, and WORRYING.
None of us want our camp to repeat their histody, nobody wants their sweat blood to turn into ashes.
Can somebody teach me a way to make the sky stop raining for 3 days?


3 responses to “Peace, No rain.

  1. hm, ask allah / jesus / god to lend us a helping handall we can do is non stop praying

  2. is "sweat blood" really an English word?or u translated it from chinese?cry for the god to see.if He thinks ur tears are more than His, he\’ll stop raining

  3. let\’s pray for it. =)
    kepercayaan kepada tuhan….

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