Hey it’s another tagging game! Stole from you, CY. XD


Starting time: 2135
Name: Hui Ting 

Sisters: none
Brothers:  One, in Sabah

Shoe Size: 6

Height: I’m just short, ok..
Where do you live: Penang! Sweetest Island on earth. XD

Favourite drinks: Soya milk, crystathemun, and MILO
Favourite breakfast: Er.. Cheese and Ham?
Have you ever been on a plane?: Yup =)
Swam in the ocean: Yeah, It’s salty and it’s fun!
Fallen asleep at school: Always

Broken someone’s heart: Yeah… but Sorry never cure..
Fell off your chair: Think so..

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: um hm..
What is your room like: Trash Hill
What’s right beside you: my phone.. a dictionary..

What is the last thing you ate : Mooncake!
Ever had chicken pox: Nop
Sore throat:  Yeah
Stitches: I dont think so..
Broken nose: Nah..

Do you believe in love at first sight: No, i guess..
Like picnics?: Sure!

Who was, were the last person you danced with: Last campfire night.. MS NG!!!!
Last made you smile: My grandpa?
You last yelled at: er… I Dont know!

Kissed anyone: Yup.
Get sick: Always.
Miss someone: Yeah, and still feeling guilty..
Eat: FOOD.
Best feeling in the world: happiness

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Forget it
What’s under your bed: Long kept treasure with LOTS of dust.
Who do you really hate: her
What time is it now?: 2146

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. Jumping around..

2. Korek all my toys to play.. and just leave them there.

3. Being bullied by my brother..
4. Crying..
5. Talking to teddy bears..

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Do Add maths paper

2. Wash clothes

3. Pack up for tomorrow’s lesson
. Figure out a way to pull myself away from this *toot* computer..

5. Sleep.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. M & N

2. Oreo
4. Chocolates

5. Wah.. A LOT LAR!!

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Get a Million-Cost Condominium by the sea, and design.. and renovate.. and.. Wala! Welcome to my house warming PARTY!
2. Throw away my C70 and get a LAGENDA 125z.. Muahahahhaha…

3. Give half to my family members.. and a quater to charity.

4. Write a letter to school n go travelling around the world, with all my buddies!!
5. bring home dozens of ALL-kind ori CDs

5 of my bad habits:
1. Stay PAUSED..
2. Assum-ING
3. Sleeping too much
4. being messy

5. Never be in time

5 places I have lived/stayed a night in:
1. Home..
2. Chess tourney hotels..
3. Grandpa’s home
4. Joanne’s SG NB house
5. HQ

5 things I will do after complete what im busy with:
1. Look for supper!
2. Bath
3. prepare tmr’s uniform
4. Say gd night to mom

5. set alarm.. yeah that’s all



I tag.. everyone!


Especially.. JOANNE…



JIE NAN.. *If you can see this.. =)




4 responses to “It’s a TAAAGGGING GAME!

  1. will do this in case i\’m too bored after exams

  2. i love TAIKI the most too! at the first sight.but then, i began to like Ryuga more and more after observing the interiordid u notice that the back seat of it is just like a coach?

  3. I AM TAGGED!? arhg NOOOOOO x)

  4. GF,
    yeah! the interior design in so cool with the light effect..
    i mean.. WOW..

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