I was waked by the moronic alarm clock, unbelievably early in the morning.. What a horrible night I had, with ridiculous nightmares! I dreamt about gigantic goblin killing people in a shopping complex, particularly sports department. Too much vampire stories huh?


    Hey we’re form 5 this year! Dai ka che of the school! Class name starting with the number 5… never, ever thought to imagine this, we are soon facing SPM, graduating soon, and going to face the complicated community very, very soon too! I would never have enough with enjoying high school life. We’re in the white and blue horribly-outdated-designed uniforms running around in school. Challenging teachers, sleeping in class, and messing up with friends! It rocks, still… I’d never knew that life would be simply wonderful if you just smile.. and laugh—be happy! MY life Gonna be INTERESTING!!


Yesterday was a history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Today is a gift,

that’s why it’s called the present!

~~shh.. ><


By the way..

Choon yong?

I’m no longer your annoying neighbor,

We can no longer train our endurances together under the dreadfully noisy environment (her voice particularly.. X))

We can no longer dream and imagine ways just to get rid of those..  Obstacles~ homework.. exam.. and the class!!

Thanks for your patience and support, as a friend I would never want to lose, not forgetting your big help for borrowing me tons of homework to copy. I know it’s bad.. X)

Have fun and enjoy your days in S1! You’ve made it girl! =D

And don’t forget!

Life is a challenge,

Never be afraid of trying.

Enjoy! X)


2 responses to “Present

  1. ahahaaahahhahahhahahhahahaa.hahahahahhahaaahahhahahaaaa.=)nothing, just laughing around.

  2. Thank you, Huiting. =DNo,you are not an annoying neighbour!Honestly, without your voice besides me everyday, I feel something lost. But anyway, all the best in everything you do! good luck, my friend!A queens\’ guide to be.=) gambateh!p/s:joanne, anything so funny? LOL!

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