Het Achterhuis

3 words:
Anne Frank Rocks!
Another name is just added into my Idol list..
A fifteen year-old Jewish girl who was captured in world war 2 after hiding with her family and died in a concentration camp.
Later her dirary was found and is the subject of many books and stories since.
I was indeed lucky to be recommended with the translation of her diary by my dear brother.
At least, after reading most part of the book,
I’ve learnt to be gratefull of what I’m having at the moment,
with freedom,
sufficient nutritients,
love and even a chance to go to school!

Who knows, if she wasn’t slaughtered in World War 2, the world may be different.


However, her diary is published with the title of "The Diary of A Young Girl".

It is quite suitable for teenagers like us who considers about almost everything but never get an answer. 
I can guarantee that it will simply change one’s mind utterly as one would be come wiser and more mature after reading.
Only condition: avoid falling into it when exam’s approaching! (warned Mr Lookid)



Having no idea of what I’m philosophizing about? Check out this website:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_frank


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