Life after spm (1)

     Life has gone much easier without the need to wake up early and go to school. I am currently waiting for results and then going to apply for form 6. Yeah, the unholy STPM is my next life agenda. Meanwhile, it’s time to relax and have a lot of fun with everything I’ve longed to do. Understanding San Zi Jing, learning musical instruments, reading books and running around just gave the day better reasons to smile. Most of my friends have started working or even went to colleges. Hopefully everyone is happy with what’s in front of them.

    By the way, mom and dad has gone for a short vacation. I tried preparing dinner for grandpa just now. Char Chaisim, Fried Chicken, and rice took me 1 and a half hour of juggling. Luckily all of them are edible. Ha ha. It and tastes like heaven too! Satisfaction floats, the chicken tastes almost like granny’s. Although she has passed away but thank God the chickens are still here.

How was your day? =)


6 responses to “Life after spm (1)

  1. Lets cook together one day? XD

  2. Sure!!

  3. haha….. at least u did something wonderful for ur grandpa….. my life here bored like hell….every week with new assignments and all those weirdos lecturers asking us to do ridiculous stuff….haix…

  4. =) Please to see you here!adoi.. kesian. are you coming back on CNY? Then maybe can put your hair down for a while in Pg.. haha

  5. where\’s (2) ?

  6. coming soon…. =/

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