Life after Spm (3)-Happy CNY

      Hey, Gong Xi Fa Chai!Is that what you expect to see during this period in any blog post? Owh, me too. Another Chinese New Year Celebration just went on. Goodness gracious, my aunt and I have successfully finished our enormous house transformation project. The whole building went simply cleaner, brighter and undoubting more comfortable. Frankly speaking, we made our house a lovely home again. Under a delighted environment, we enjoyed awesome hours with my precious family members. Together, we ate. Besides that, we watched. Meanwhile, we chattered. Consequently, we burned. Overall, we had fun. At that specific moment I realized that we, as a family really care about each other and there is no way for me to lose them. Humans are best to get along with when there is love in the air.

    By the way, I just passed my driving test and I started using my parent’s cars ever since then. I mean, I just stop riding Honda(my antique motorbike..) after discovering the greatness of Feroza Daihatsu, Proton Saga and Perodua Myvi. It is happily satisfying to acquire another skill, what’s makes it the best is to find out that members of your family are actually unconditionally supporting you. 3 days after passing the test, my cousin brother suggested me to drive his Myvi to their shop to load some stuffs. What to do when you are offered a learning opportunity? Say YES! He is such a calm and easy person, who can be considered as one of the best driving instructor I had. A successful lesson gave me great encouragement to do side-parking. I just made it and I wanna do that again! I wanna do that again! I wanna do that again! I wanna do that again! I wanna…..

    I assume that you must be thinking something like "Good la you can go lepak d lo!" Eh? how you know? I drove S Lynn and her brother to Gurney this morning. Everything went just abnormally normal until I decided to go the opposite direction of a one way path at the area in front of Gurney Hotel. Both of the VIP passengers on the car were so shocked and started reprimanding me. Right.. I guess I was seriously guilted.. This chaotic frenzy of S Lynn and her brother went on until we had successfully spotted a parking space and landed safely.

Thank God, thank S Lynn, thank Lenco,
we are still in one piece.

    We hopped into Gurney Plaza and took a the lift to the cinema floor. After lunch and greeting everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, we had a short adventure to Arvind’s car before the boys went pool-ing. It is really enjoyable watching the pearl like balls rolling around with humorous chatters.

     Followed by the main event:


    There are 2 things you can learn from watching a movie with a bunch of male friends, especially with those whose names sound exactly like Arvind, Sau Fei, Thong, Randy and Boon Wue. First, you have to accept the choice of catching  Wolfman (a horror movie) over A Valentines Day (hypnotizing romantic film). Second, you can take all the famine free gifts home. They just don’t care.

    Overall, Wolfman is quite an enjoyable movie to me. Despite the heart beating scenes, I enjoy looking at Gwen and Lawrence as a pair of unspoken couple. Lawrence expresses his heroism by encountering against his father consequently sacrificing himself to give the curse of Wolfman a full stop. I’ll give this movie a 7 out of 10 rate for burning the old mansion at the end of the movie.

    The boys went cyber cafe without hesitating after 2 hours of excitement (PS. arvind said its rather 2 hrs of boredom) in front of the

 big screen.

    On the other hand, S Lynn and I came out with an idea to start touching pool. So, we went pool-ing again! This time, is to do nothing but learning. I am glad that I am starting to understand how every direct shoot works. At least, it rolled in a straight line. Next time, I will focus on observing how the ball rolls and bounces back with different angle of shooting. And then someday, we can play! =)


    Finally, this is the third day of Chinese New Year Celebration. I hope that every of my friends are having good times no matter where you are or what are you doing. Make it constructively good and your life will be simply wonderful. Do remember the quote of "You are responsible on what you have become today."

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year! 


6 responses to “Life after Spm (3)-Happy CNY

  1. i hope somebody could teach me pool too!

  2. your cousin is CLAM and easy person?

  3. after reading, i can assume that your cny is boring. hahaha

  4. GF,Haha. How nice izzit if your "husband" can hold both of your hands gently to demonstrate the action for you.Patrick star,aherm,very sorry. typing error.Joanne,It has nothing special to mention about but I feel very contented throughout this celebration. =)How about urs? aherm

  5. hey are you?? long time din hear from you alrdy??how\’s studies??/ u still rmb me??haha oh yeah kindly relink pls http://theskyof-memories.blogspot.comthanks yea..keep in touch!!u rock girl!!

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