A sudden thunder and we are living in dark

     Owh.. i’m finally "home" again. A space that has no border and limits. =) Did i ever tell you that I’ve made up my mind to take 6th form in Chung
Ling high school? Yes, I was finally there, signing up on an
orientation day, as a lower sixth form student. The feeling was nothing
but excitement that made me thought that.. "I was ready to face a new
environment, new challenges and dealing with new friends. Yay!"
Seriously.. wow..! The sunny mood last until I found his absence and the cruelness of the
reality of competitions and STPM
.. As according to the teachers in CLHS,
in order to squeeze into one of the 85 places left for Chinese of local medical
Universities, one must work VERY hard to earn 4 flat in STPM, contribute in CGPA fully-3.6, and at least 0.25 out of 0.4 of curriculum marks that makes up a minimum 3.85 marks
of CGPA. plus a band 5 in MUET test
(of course a perfect band 6 would be
preferable). Owh, so that’s how reality sounds.. owh.. Its gonna be
I mean.. how shall I be abl
e to achieve such GODLIKE


    So, I started this with.. tuition’s! Yeah.. as what a few kind mates suggested and
I’d followed, spending at least
245 bucks a month for the tuition fees like an opened water tap. In most our classes, the sincerity of several form 6 tuition teachers in teaching can be seen clearly, but too bad, most local tuition is in a one-sided way..
He talks, we listen; he writes, we copy; he
explains, we pretend to understand

Why on earth is such studying
method existing for so many years?? Don’t they know that studies showed that passive
learning ineffective method? Spending time sitting in a refrigerator and listen.. is simply just not my type, and yet, the worst thing is that..
There’s no other choice! According to STPM tuition teachers, school teachers are lazy and lousy, they tend to run through and skip various details of important topics and leave us helpless in exams.. I REALLY HOPE THAT IS NOT TRUE so that i can safe my money for anything more worthy.. Unfortunately this hope remains as one that can never come true… come true.. come true…

   来我不是已经做好心理准备,而是没有想象到它的恐怖!Still, frightened, by the situation I’m in… like.. Wooow.. what!!?? haha… So, now the good thing is that I’ve finally wake up from the previous naive assumptions, and sooner or later I’ll get used to it and move on. =) What’s life without challenges, right? If you wanna get what you want, you needa pay for it! Who knows, the rainbow is waiting for you silently behind the dark clouds? I understand that its gonna be a long long way of thorns and sharp stones, and I will get through it!

No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no
-William Penn


5 responses to “A sudden thunder and we are living in dark

  1. 不要怕,有我在。 LOL 一起加油吧。=)

  2. 原来我不是已经做好心理准备,而是没有想象到它的恐怖!LOL…for me, i am like… 我已经做好心理准备,只是它比我想象中更恐怖!超越了我的准备。生物我不晓得,但我可以很肯定地告诉你,物理简直是。。。天啊!!! >.<像康健说的,一起加油吧!

  3. Lookid, haha! thanks for being by my side. LOL Hope that we can be classmates next year, in that class… ;)CY, Haha.. They say physic questions very very twisting, izzit? If i am not mistaken there\’s about 200 formulas to remember.. BUT i believe that you can do that. Aza aza, jia you together!!

  4. it\’s over 300, not 200. XD

  5. oh no..

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