Video games?

Hello world,

    Speaking of academics, school english Finals is coming on this Friday and Malaysian English University Test , MUET speaking test is coming on 13th of October. And yet I’m still under-prepared for it! Gah.. How shall I get things done fast and efficiently? That’s a very good question and I shall solve it without fear. Haha. There was once I heard from a TV interview of an ingenious girl who scored almost perfectly well in her high school examinations and received several great universities’ admissions. Sitting down on a comfortable chair in my whiffy school uniform with two brown retinas focusing on the screen, I remember well what that girl who was being interviewed said that “if would be definitely nice to play a video game, and far less interesting to do some maths question, but if you can manage to combine both senses together by treating real life maths problems as a video game challenge, your life would be amusingly provoking! and that’s how I scored and do well, because to me, exams are just like another level of an adventurous game!” Oh yes! I am feeling lucky for watching that. It inspired me to view life challenges in a far more grappling perspective. =) This relates to the famous speaker Mr Nick Vijicic who mentions ” Vision, Perspective and Chances” in his world tour speeches. That previous girl just taught me how to have a better perspective to strengthen my theory upon these three important steps of being success. *smiles*

    Frankly, I have to admit that commitment is indeed essential in achieving one’s goals! There is a Chinese saying that no food is free on earth as in “no efforts, no apples”, a quote I’ve just created few days ago. And right now its time to commit, and work on it. Let friendship, entertainment and self-grooming aside and focus on what’s in front. Hey you the so-called Mission of the impossible! Rock it on!

    Meanwhile I didn’t mean to create such tense atmosphere here, so if your intense reading the page is to linger around and enjoy, here’s a very-well-recommended song by Eason Chan, who the owner of this blog like most! *Winks*


2 responses to “Video games?

  1. “Let friendship, entertainment and self-grooming aside and focus on what’s in front.”

    I love this.
    I want to be eccentric again. I want to be very selective with whom I be friends with again.
    Alas, the new environment doesn’t allow me to do so.

  2. *With both hands up..* Agree!
    Sometimes they are just different from us
    sometimes we are just different from them..
    but We All still have to work together..

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