A choice-Lower 6

Hello world,

Good afternoon, I’ve just checked the results of the recent exams today. My average mark is 63%, class ranking 9th out of 23, form ranking 23 out of 92. I am feeling quite lucky for staying merely in the 1st quarter or the rankings, despite the Dillie Delly attitude that’s been having since school reopen. Meanwhile at the same time, nerves strokes increased my heart beating rate for the coming finals. Our rankings shows that most students in Bio stream are quite excellent in it, non counting those potential challengers who remained ignorance throughout the months and finally woke up to study, like Ching Yuh. Opps.. So it concludes that getting into U6B4 is ain’t an easy job.

Frowned and analysed, I have set little targets for myself that secures a place for myself in U6B4 by means of believing and worship. Meanwhile, I also identified a few good role models in class. These people truly have some good qualities for me to learn from for a more efficient target shooting. God bless everything to be alright.

Some lazy bums like me are needed to be kick-started and motivated. PA statistics teacher Ms Phuah reminded us something this morning which eventually shifted my paradigm on life and study when she pointed out that we are now a Sixth form student and we chose to be here. Studying is no longer a ‘thing’ to do but a responsible towards ourselves, like a career. If you wish your future life to be bright-full then its time to do work it on now.

“I am not complaining about studies anymore because this is the life that I chose to.”


Yours truly,
Hui Ting.


2 responses to “A choice-Lower 6

  1. “I am not complaining about studies anymore because this is the life that I chose to.”
    can I LIKE this?? XD

    I got many things to learn from you as you’re one of my good role model too.
    you know?

  2. Haha.. I never knew that..
    Let’s learn from each other and grow, shall we? =)

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