An Update

Dear world,

School was cheerful today. At least, Yvonne was jumping around with Khye Shen and the gang, Melissa had the same fight with Bryan, Jie Ying smiled, Yi Fan being smartly foolish and still did not forget to study and do homework, Andrew acting and doing homework again, Hock Sheng and Shen Hong had a noisy arm fight, and I TALKED to Kok Hao in a caring annotation which is quite rare, although he just sits beside me….. The day was fine, everyone was happy. (except Ginny who didn’t showed much smiles today-or maybe just not to me).

One reason I wrote a post today is to remember that 3 teachers gave me acknowledgements today to my delight, it feels good to be praised. One the first one was Mr Lye, our PA essay teacher who called me to answer questions like the way he used to. Nothing much was done by him, except a very friendly and supporting attitude that makes me excited to answer his questions(or maybe, just to be noticed with positive attention).

The second was Maths teacher, Mr Ooi who taught with his usual professional attitude. Although the boys’ gang, especially Shen Hong had problem following the lesson, the most of the rest followed on quite well, and find interest in learning something new in Maths. I was happy, to be able to answer some of his questions and been given acknowledgements. The atmosphere at the moment was just conducive enough to learn more, when time flew and bell rang soon enough as in Mr Ooi just walked in mins ago.

The numbers and infinities was closely followed by Biology period. Half jumping and half walking we went on to Biology lab to the building at the back. Yi Fan tried to fancy some of us, I tried to fool on, but it did not work on well. Maybe I will try again next time(if there would ever be another chance). We all ran around and finally jumped back to our seats like a bunch of kindergarten children when sir came in to start the lesson. The feeling was different with usual but I can assure you that its a nice one. My eyelid struggled to close when sir went into the topic of Spirogyra or something and finally.. Zzz.. (resign). Mr Lim showed his notice by calling my name straight away. He then gave some personal compliment about my new hair style and praised about our biology Coloqium group presentation. As according to him, a teacher as happy with my performance as the voice and speaking skills were more impressive amongst, particularly the first group members who did research about Natural Disasters. Wheee~ flattered up until flying in the sky. The words of acknowledgement were sugar to my ears and sweets for a little naive child. Just as effective as it was, the sleepy bugs were all gone in an instance and I had more ohm to continue the lessons.

It was at the same time when the other side of brain comes into conscious of the presence of group members in the classroom, saying me “better” would also poke on their confidences indirectly especially Him who worked so hard but in a different way. That brought me back to the question about what do to, to make your mates more comfortable when you have beat them in something. I’ve used to be alone, or independent in facing and solving things that makes me act inconsiderately hurting sometimes. So at times, I chose not to, win, then there would be no jealousy and envious. Owh.. how foolish it was. When I could do better in MUET but did not. Losing and being the same lousy as your friends will not comfort and help your friends, only being good yourself at the first place, then only offer a helping hand does. Perhaps I cannot be JUST-Like-them but instead INSPIRE-and-influence them when I can! Then we can learn from each other and GROW. =)

Owh, ya. Back to the point. I pointed out these three contenting experience for being praised is to tell how happy I was and proud to be it. Me, nothing more like a child who enjoys being under attention and acknowledgement. “Doing Good” is exactly the fuel to keep me striking on for a tougher challenge to reach for the gold. In other words, I am shifting my paradigm positive to look on self-improvement, rather than a menace to others.

Finally, I’m quite happy to discovered something today.. yea? =) As after yesterday’s aspiration by Him, or whatever it was, some paradigm shifting was made and I turned to be more cheerful, and happy.


Hui Ting


2 responses to “An Update

  1. I’m not acting and just magnify the effects. =)

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