Dear world,

How long I have been longing for a soul-mate who would understand and care.

How long that I have been superficially chattering and noisy in mind.

How long I have been wondering for a place to live with peace and sanity.

How.. Owh.. stop it!

I just visited Her blog, and found that She has done a very good job as a student(to accomplish homework, tasks, and study well for exams.) as the principle she holds on is the answer I’ve long lost! For so many times I’m finding excuses and fooling around by means of neglecting my homework and study, thinking that I would have a better world in the future where I could do the things I like and at the same time being contributive to the society. And then I went on thinking and found that: if our current job-studying is hard, then in the future, earning money for a living would be tough as well! Rather than imagining a good and happy life in the future or somewhere else, why not stand down to earth and do your job well? Like every occupation that have their own difficulties; office workers nags about long working hours; salesmen complaint about fussy customers, teachers sick with countless teaching syllabus, parents headache with their children.. So as the rest of the human living in every corner of the world. Life is indeed full of difficulties no matter what you are doing! And the good news is: we are granted with the abilities to deal with them.

This is life, the life you are destined to live in, full of struggles, pain, failures, and also rewards after you have gone through each challenge. No roads in the woods is safe and smooth, so as your life journey. As students, we face stress and tons of knowledge to memorize for exams, and.. we just gonna deal with it to be professional.


Hui Ting.


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