Dear world,

This morning was the first day of school final exams. The good thing is I finally knew how to write an esay properly. But the bad thing is, I did not manage to finish the paper in time. Leaving the last session, Bahagian E with only 2 paragraphs. SF and HS have manage to get things done in time, maybe I shall learn to be like them next time. Better time management! Hopefully PA paper 1 can safe things so that I can still get an “okay” result.

Meanwhile, what’s coming on tomorrow is Maths and Chemistry. Insomnia is still bugging me eversince last month! It makes me feel awful right now to touch the books. Maybe a nice nap can cure. Maybe, Hopefully, things would be alright tomorrow.

Exam is tough! Tought like a war as Ching Yuh said. We have to fight for marks and time by showing our abilities.

For friends who are experiencing the same thing,

Do your best! SCREW’EM!!

Hui Ting.


7 responses to “Finals

  1. yeah…do your best!!
    Good too see you in great confidence!!
    Jia You!!!

  2. Yes!!! PA paper 2 is gone forever. =X

  3. Thanks, Yik Xian. Same to you. =)

    that means Chemistry not gone?
    good good, nice to hear that.
    All the best for Bio and Kenegaraan.

  4. But now I give up liao..我要之甘堕落了!!

  5. Of course, NEVER give up for STPM. =)

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