Hey, you know what? I just came back from a trip to Cameron Highlands and KL organised by school PA society. From this trip, I’ve seen and learnt new things from some classmates. One of the observations, made me impressed by Him, by the way he chooses and does. That life is full of choices, for every choice we make there’s a reason behind make it conscious or unconsciously. I’ve made a choice to join my classmates to KL, but I’ve forgotten to manage time well to rest and recharge before that. Wait, I to say something. I mean, He’s really cool from the way of perspective and not changing his own perceptions to be extrinsic.

Besides, I noticed that as much as a person can be easily influenced, we ourselves have our own influencing power as well. Whether how one is going to use it in a constructing way, is a good question. We have choices and abilities, not all choices that we choose can be achieved as we hoped for by using our limited abilities. At usual situations, choices we make have to be in accordance with out own abilities or on other words-reality. But still, sometimes it is no bad to dream big and aim high, as a quote says, Dream to reach for the stars so that at least when you fall, you fall on the clouds. I mean.. we may fail after reaching a goal, but at least we did try. and when you failed, you are already one step further from the origin. Those who never tried will never fail, but at the same time, they remains the same as always-ignorant, naive, complaining or in other words, still a loser who never move on.


One response to “Choices

  1. The greatest mistake we can make is living in constant fear that we will make one.
    – John C. Maxwell

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