Halted Holidays

What can I say that life is indeed full of things and wonders. That I have been running around to enjoy it.

School holidays have came to halt. I just came back from a family trip to Sabah for a week and then afterwards going for a movie in gurney before staying overnight at Joanne’s house, then.. Off to Bukit Merah with the girls. =)

Sabah was simply amazing, I have so many things to share but so less time to spend. But the only thing I must tell here right now is.. Wei, I hiked up to Mount Kinabalu wei..! Glad to come back alive, and still being it. It just taught me how good it is to be alive and being able to achieve things while enjoying the whole process. Nothing is there to be unhappy of as long as I’m healthy, and good. Life is short, so enjoy it while you still can!!

Proven: Mount Kinabalu is high and cold.


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