A new start

I cannot believe I could write More in English compared to Chinese. Is is that I am afraid of telling the truths using the language I’m most familiar with the people around, or I just simply got influenced by Anne Frank?

School just started today. It was the first day of the year, and I am now officially an upper six student. I never expect things to go that fast neither do all the other same form schoolmates. We are arranged and distributed to 3 different classes after the top 27 students in the stream are placed into U6B4, the best class known. I’m in B2, with 2 of my very best friends and some ex classmates. I know, we will be good friends like we Have to.

The atmosphere today in the form 6th block was different, where students coming in and out of classes to glee old classmates, being happy to meet around while sharing their holidays stories. The corridors were simply, full of joy and laughters. But on the other side, the air in some classrooms were known not to be too pleasant. Seeing awkwardness floating in the air, and silent hatred burried under the ground, some just cannot get themselves comfortable in the new environment with some of the people who-they-dislike or, not-so-close-to. Perhaps just like mom’s partner, Maye said today, after one week or more, they will soon settle down and get used to the Change.

And for the latest update, I have deactivated my facebook account once again. This is no longer suprising as I have done it before, but I’ve found this time rather hard to press on the button because of some friendly persuasions of some good old classmates. It is clear that What I just did was simply heartbreaking, but I cannot bare to fall into this social network over personal achievements anymore. They are important persons who walked into my lower six life and accepting me as a friend. There are so much things we share and learnt together. Deactivating account does not symbolize an ending towards anything, we still can meet in school and talk anywhere. For distractions of facebook is my own problem and I long thought to settle it this way after measuring the contributions and destructions it has given me throughout these time. Friends, I hope that we are still friends even without saying Hi on facebook walls.



4 responses to “A new start

  1. i seldom leave a comment on ppl’s blog (maybe u are the first one i guess)…but this particular post is quite an interesting one…..i have no comment on your deactivation of your facebook account..it’s okay i guess…just feel some disappointment because our persuasion didnt work so well on u…LOL ! lastly, wishing u happy study and happy pursuing dreams ! We can do it ! Cheers!

  2. Wow..Thanks.. its an honor to see your words here! =) Seriously it was quite touching to see you guys persuading me to stay, but then.. sry ler.. haha. Thanks. Same to you. Let’s get straight A’s together and put our faces on the newspaper!!! Grhh.. XD

  3. You can deactivate your Facebook account but promise us 1 thing, never forget our existence as your ex-classmates and friends in your life and lets us overcome the pressured atmosphere and work hard towards the aims of our life. =D

  4. Always will be, you too cannot forget me this friend..
    Yeah.. work hard towards the aims of our life. =D

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