Aunt has drove me crazy by using her strongly negative influencing power whenever she spoke to me. Why is she always worrying and complaining over little issues that does not affects much on things? why is she exaggerating tiny bad things as it is the end of the world? According to a study, the actual miserable things that would happen to a person in his whole life is only about 10-20% of all the things that have ever happened. But there is a Chinese quote that speaks 不如意事常八九, which says shit happens to 8-9 out of 10 things that occurs! This is not true but most of us are convinced with it. What I want to say is please, why so down? You see you just took in a breathe just now and its a good sign that you are still alive. Cheers. WHY worry about small things all the time when this will never help? There are so many good things in life that happen but she never feel happy and still making so many sad stories on the only one bad thing.

And so it happened again today, aunt just found out mercury vapour that evaporates from a heated fluorescent light bulb will cause cancer when it is broken accidentally. So we have to leave the light bulb pieces until its cooled only then we can go near and sweep it to get rid of the mercury vapor from our body. She Warned uncle(her younger brother) about this but it wasn’t persuasive enough for him. To me, his ignorance is just fine, because how many times you can have a heated fluorescent light bulb to break in a lifetime? The answer that can flash in your mind should not exceed 5, right? So in this case, the consequences will not be too serious to anyone because the probability of occurrence is rare, since she has warned him and he does not want to listen so we can forget about it and move on to talk about other happy stuffs. But she, is Stuck here. Worrying about this small matter and thinking over and over again about the story of little mercury vapour and uncle. Look, thinking is good, but to think too much on unnecessary stuffs is insane. Life is so good to enjoy, why is she so sad?? Perhaps, that’s what people calls Depression, feeling sad, empty, helpless and restless all the time.

So this is my aunt and I’m her niece, I know! We live in the same house. I thought of helping her but this is not the time yet, because I cant even help myself! At this moment I just wish that she can stop giving out negative impulses to drown me down the sorrows.

Move on! Life is good.


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