Dear world,

Suddenly I feel like a stupid lazy bum that babblers a thousand but never put words into action. (Action!) Dipping into the world of affectionate and care, all that could come to my mind are nothing more that having fun and wasting time though my mouths keep on talking about homeworks and studies with Poh Im(hardworking classmate who sits just right beside me). I have drowned into this dilemma of sickness and swallowed by the big blue whale of imaginations. I am a coward dipping into anesthesia by playing games and sleeping all day, even though I ain’t that interested in clicking-and-Bang-bang-bang(!), while excessive and irregular sleep is killing me each day. Indeed, these are the things I use to make that Ting goes numb, like consuming sleeping pills for all day long, despite the only difference is there is no hypnotic. God knows I am not going to have any achievements if this attitude is kept being on. Can somebody safe me? Or there is nothing anybody can do if I am not willing to safe myself? Or the easiest way is just Go, and do it?

Mom says I am more into humanity fields compared to science, I bet she got me no wrong, because I’m So-Very-Easily-Affected by the people around! It feels not Cool at all plus it is indeed very hard to concentrate with the presence of other people especially friends! I cant even do homework in class unless I pun on the Face that looks “way-too-serious” according to Ying Xin(current classmate) and Young Hean(ex-classmate, monitor), and scares everybody away. Is this the face features I’m born to have (especially eyes), or is it a bad habit that I’ve been used to by straining the eyes? The latter one sounds more accurate and Hopeful, perhaps I can change.

PS. The mood on babbling is switched on.. I am sorry that this post has no point at all and I thank you very much for your patience to read till the end.

Noisy Ting


3 responses to “Hypnotic

  1. Ignore others and always remember what you promised to yourself. Don’t scare others say you ‘pia’ because not you only but everyone should ‘pia’ in this final year. Wish you can not only talk about homework but also do it. Good luck! =)

  2. this school has a very terrible culture.
    maybe you should stop concerning too much about ppl around you. you’re not doing anthropology right now.
    whether your mum gets it right or not, you should finish something you have started, then only you can make a wiser choice next time.

  3. Andrew,
    thanks. you are right.
    everyone should pia right now.. I started doing maths, it actually is not that difficult from the surface. Good luck for you too. Stay happy. =)

    Yes, indeed. will bear in mind what u said.
    and I will walk this road to the end until I reached the Destination because i know what I want.. *winks*

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