Sick day.

Dear world,

It never feel good to be sick (and dying). I skipped school yesterday(friday) and then came back on this morning for Gerko duty with a needle-tortured sore throat. It was school curriculum exhibition, where various curriculum bodies spent an effort in promoting themselves to the newbies(the cutie form 1 students). Maybe, the “Absence and Presence” means that I mind more on Gerko stuffs comparatively to schools..

The president did something different and seemed irresponsible today without any good explanation, we were quiet, I don’t care, but to some were unpleasant with it. From school I went to the state library with ZF and HS before going to ah Woo’s tuition. Zheng Feng taught me some simple maths and I was hoping for more. Woo’s tuition was no difference, fun and enjoyable. YJ talked to me, as well as FS, I noticed that I have friends, especially the caring ones. At the contrary She told me her opinion about one Friend, who has changed badly. She seems happy on the surface, but all that are not what she is really pleased with. I could see that she did not change since she attended form 6, her attitude has already been like that since the beginning of form 4. Annoyingly pleasant and desperate for attention and care with her cute voice. So untrue, for herself. Somehow, I’m sorry for that. (if you get no clue of what I’m crapping about, it’s ok. thanks for reading.)

Woo maths tuition finished sharply at 7pm. 9 crazy fellers in 6 motorbikes headed to mom’s cultural group dinner in the town after going round the penang island from Paya Terubong. I could not think of anything besides “We were so cool man!!”. 8.15pm, we arrived. The atmosphere there was not very warming and mom was a little bit unexpected with our off-number presence. But it was ok, she handled it just nice. I didn’t want to be there, so I left when they started off with the games. Head still pain, hope I can wake up tomorrow.

Good night.

Hui Ting


2 responses to “Sick day.

  1. take care, tinggy.
    get well soon!
    加油哦! 🙂

  2. THank you Yonggy.
    I will survive!!!! XD

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