Melted Chocolate and crazy stuffs

And so my Dessert plan went on with dad’s suggestion in Chinese New Year Eve’s family dinner (the Group Round Rice). I prepared:

Strawberry with seedless grapes


Melted chocolate.. Wow!

we kids enjoyed it very well. *blink blink


Finally, on the first night of Chinese New Year, my family members got bored after the dinner and had great interactions.. when uncle, aunts joined in the Cousins(us) to fool around after mom inviting dad to sing a Chinese song called 我要去西藏. Mom was holding the recorder and laughing like mad. We never felt that together and insane before and this crazy vid left me great memories with cheers. Honestly, its rare.

(from left: Cousin younger sister, Me, Brother, Cousin elder sister, Cousin brother, Aunt, Aunt, and Uncle)

Thanks for watching, happy cny. =)


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