Dear world,


Good day! How are you? = ) I feel like talking about my days so here it goes.


In usual school days, I wake up early in the morning at 6.45am before rushing around and speeding to school by 7.15am. Before that at 6.00am the alarm rings but it is to annoy my parents in the next room instead of waking me up. In between that time, I brush my teeth, take quick bath, check out school timetable and things to bring, grab a piece of bread and hop on my motorcycle, an EX 5.

Every time I would pray hard to God so that I can reach school in time and sometimes put my life to risk with speeding on the road. Twas usually when I have successfully parked the motorbike in 6th form block compound I thank God for letting me stay alive. I run fingers down my half dried hair to make it look tidy and smirk a smile before walking up the stairs to U6B2, my current classroom. Usually I would meet some acquaintances and we greet casually. A glance by a few classmates gave me a 3 seconds attention when I step in and then they continue their work. Sometimes I would surprise them with question-mark stuffs held in my arms like a pot filled with fried eggs or big bag of traditional costumes. I cannot hide my sleepiness and ignore them so that I can sleep.

School starts, endless route begin. There are a few random things I would do:

– sleep in class

– do countless math’s but slow like a snail

– copy last min homework

– make a sound when I realize that I have forgotten something important

– talk(nag/complain/joke/listen) to Poh Im (a friendly nice girl beside me), Ying Xin (tough girl), Joanne ( the thousand years good friend, sitting next to me currently

– get some surprising news from classmates and start blabbering

– get annoyed by some boys behind

– borrow staple

– Selling Girl guide food fair coupons (IT IS COMING ON 20TH OF FEBRUARY!! ANYONE INTERESTED??)

– Fool around

– Dreaming crazy fantasies while somebody seems to be teaching in front

– Thinking why I am so sleepy

– Petrify

– Try hard to understand the lessons

– Ponteng class

And then school ends at 1.30pm. These days I am busy doing PA society Heritage Tour preparations while if nothing important and urgent is on, I walk around to meet good friends and make some noise. Or sometimes, just enjoy peaceful isolation while keeping stuffs back into the school bag slowly. At times, I am still an eccentric.

The moment of the day I feel the worse is during the journey riding back home on a sunny day. It feels so much like being baked rather than breathing. I can feel my knees getting cooked and skin going darker and darker under the hot sun. The same sound effect replays every time I open up the iron door and greet mom, “bang”. Then this beautiful lady in the house gets up from her pile of workload to serve me lunch and vegetable soup. The average time I use to finish lunch is one hour. This is because I have a bad habit of reading the newspaper or surfing the net while eating. After that I take long time to go bathing and linger around until 4.30pm, I bring out some homework to lay out on the reading desk but my eyes and brain tell me it is just nice to take a nap. So I follow it and bump my head into the soft and cooling pillow to drive on unconsciously as if I just had weeks of sleepless nights.

When I am having a good dream at this hour, dad will occasionally come and peek on his hopeless daughter and sigh until 8pm he thinks I am sleeping way too long and should do some homework. My dream is added with fluorescent light and noise. I procrastinate, loo around in seek for food to full filled the starving stomach in my activity area.

9.30pm, switch on computer with good excuse of study purpose and end up on facebook, msn and skype until late night.

The everlasting cycle goes on. This is my form 6 life.


Hui Ting


7 responses to “senseless

  1. You should check the next day timetable and put whatever need to bring into school bag. I like the last 1 thing to do during school “Ponteng Class”!! =)

  2. Dear friend,
    you CANNOT continue with this kind of life!
    玩乐有时,认真有时。Think of your ambition, hopefully you get the motivation to study.
    Gambateh tinggy!

    As you know, I don’t really have an ambition/confirmed target(what to be in the future) yet. But I think I have the determination. Perhaps that’s the reason why I can ‘force’ myself to concentrate in study? ><

    Stop the bad habit of being procrastinate. It really kills. I hate it much, so now I'm trying hard to keep away from it too. And, you MUST too! 🙂

  3. oh MAN i’m starting to love your words. nice words, good blog (; ohh especially when it comes to that particular sentence ‘-get annoyed by some boys behind’, LMAO, true

    • Joanne,
      thanks yo… haha.. Glad to see you here after I stop updating for about N years? X))
      THey annoy us.. we annoy them back sometimes.. that’s how the atmosphere of a happy B2 comes..! =)))

  4. one thing u should not do is never put your life on the road coz u will never know when god are busy with his stuffs and he forgets about u being on the road =D…..and i agree wif joanne….your blog doesnt have much photos, but the words are enough to sooth the feeling for continuous reading…..
    so dun sleep late d….savour every moment in school and may all good things happen in your life…cheers !

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