Face it, Accept it, Deal with it, Let it be.

Dear world,

The sky was blue and birds chipped in Chung Ling High School 6th form compound. Today has gone better compared to last time. These 2 months of upper six life I had in Chung Ling since beginning of the year prompted me the importance of facing the truth as what Lookid says in Chinese:


It is indeed true that nothing comes to our life just the way we want it to be, while all that we can do is to accept and deal with them truthfully no matter what is it. It is all the matter of perception and that is why we have people living in wealth and safety but not all of them are living happily and contented as they are blessed to.

When you think life is difficult,

Take it easy. =)




Random picture sharing..:


Dinner in GG National AGM 2010

Dinner in Putrajaya with Yee Phing the insane Sexy Girl (middle)


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