Dear world,

Can you remember in the N previous post I mentioned that I used to be wondering why I am always sleepy in classes as well as spending most of my day time sleeping?

Now I Know the ANSWER!

I have hypotension aka. Low Blood PressuREA(re)~!!! (According to the internet, Normal Human is 130/80 mm Hg while mine is 106/55 mm Hg.) Due to lack of haemoglobin in the blood stream, my brain and limbs usually do not obtain adequate Oxygen *blup* to produce energy as a normal 19 year old needs. Dad told me to eat and sleep more to overcome it. Its certainly good to eat. After non-stop consumption of Bahu for the whole afternoon, I feel more energetic now.. =)


Hui Ting


2 responses to “Hypotension

  1. to: 619
    feeling sleepy in class may be due to some kidney mild malfuncntion, too.
    take good care of your kidneys, too.

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