Dear world,

I’ve just met a medical field PhD who works as a professor in local universities recently. After knowing my ambition as a Doctor, he gave me a few advices about this field. One of the things he said was that an MD is not as easy as it is because it needs to deal with living and death. It is certainly not FUN to see someone dying in front of you. The second thing he mentioned that brought me into hesitation was the physical torture faced by a MD during on-call period. He is convinced that girls usually cannot stand sleepless day and nights with overloaded jobs what requires extra focus and precisions.

I brought this ideas to father latter that night. Dad says those reasons do not stand true because every field does have its own challenges. Of course the guilt of killing someone is unbearable but what doctors doing every time is saving lives and curing people. As long as one has tried his/her best in saving a patient from diseases and sickness, then there should not be anything to be sorry for even the operation fail in the end. Talking about unbearable workloads, I guess the only way I can prevent myself from collapsing is to have good healthy lifestyle starting from today, so that I have a stronger body to bear the challenges of the extremes in the future. Aiya, what I am worrying about? Houseman-ship is only 2 years while MD is 2-3 years, it not gonna last long. 😉

(I am sorry that I like to nag a lot sometimes.)

Last Monday I went helping in the meal serving of an International Safety Awareness Conference in school, where us, the CLHS form 6 girls were summoned to serve teachers and VIP in the canteen. Under the commands of a few school teachers, we layout the food nicely, helped serving in a buffet meals and cleaned up the mess after each meals. In the whole process of being polite and helpful in everything together with other schoolmates, I noticed that I still enjoy doing hospitality, where elegance, comfort and a warming smile comes in an ideal combination to satisfy a person’s pleasure whether in dining or staying-in.

I can recall the 3 days I spent in KL with Seok Lynn to visit Berjaya College after SPM. There they introduced us about facilities and lessons they offer for hospitality course. It was very interesting, but also costly. My friend, Seok Lynn ended up taking that course. Months later she told me that hospitality is about passion instead of the profits, because it does not provide that much income as it seems to be. Owh, just nice for people like me who likes it!

There is a reason that halted me from walking towards this field. I wanted to live a life that would give direct contribution in man civilization, other than being enclosed in the world of trading and luxury.

Yes, that is what I thought I am living for.


Hui Ting


4 responses to “Diversion

  1. Finally there is a long post in your blog after so long time. Believe in yourself and you can do anything you want. Gambateh and good luck!! =)

  2. Whatever your decision is, I will support you. jia you!

  3. yeah..i think that hospitality suit you more

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