Dear world,

Here’s some update about my current status.


MUET speaking test is coming on this monday, while the actual paper is coming on 16th of April. I am nervous.


graduation song making is in good progression with KS and SC with the help of YV and Pin. We made two songs, one of them is called 素描韶光 while another one is 穹苍梦. Both of the songs are very nice under the entouching of members of the group especially Khye Shen and Samwise, the music composer. Hope the singers will do great as well to leave remarkable melodies for the f6 graduates.


I learnt better on paying attention in a particular session instead of multitasking. It is more productive to take one step at a time and have things organised.


Hui Ting.


2 responses to “1,2,3.

  1. hey, wow, saw my name inside. Lol. I’d say it wouldn’t be done without your help in composing the verse n singing the demo. Haha. Thx a lot.
    N good luck in your muet test. =D

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