Wednesday fever.

Today has no bio tuition class.


Then I skipped chemi Organic class because I could not find my notes.


Its another ordinary day for Clhs 6th form students.. Colloquium session carried on as usual this morning, Joanne still hates our PA teacher, Nerry makes noise like being in his own mad world…. Oh ya, Shen Hong got more hardworking these days, its a good start for him.. like me. =) We have compulsory cross country running coming on this Friday, PA Inter-stream sports competitions on Saturday.. (I wonder how the players are going to excel in both of these consequent activities.) Generally, we all face homeworks, teachers, tuitions, in a long queue-jammed time, but still cannot stop quitting from internet addiction.

I had my school days as usual, in a pale-vampire-Egyptian-Firaun looked apparent. Jing Min said I look darker, Uncle Hua said I’ve gained weight. Whatever it is, I’m thankful that my mind is still working. So I was thinking about Diversion of human among the rest by being different.

Yearh… I am sorry I can’t always be the same, or… one of the gang. Nuts people like me has to isolate herself sometimes to keep the world sane. Call us eccentrics. I do not mean that I am going to stop socializing, but I will reduce my noise. STPM is coming wei… What do you think? Still being a party animal and fool around? That’s enough, I wanna become a nerd.

And you, whoever you are..

Good day! =)



2 responses to “Wednesday fever.

  1. 加油哦!

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