Como Estas

Hola world!

Its another beautiful Sunday morning! =) I love life and enjoy living. Duh… I had maths tuition at Woo’s yesterday. Sir gave us some good introduction about the use of Probability Distribution Function in our daily life and in the field of actuarial science before he started the chapter. This 5 minutes story telling session was wonderful, it reminded me of Jason, the boy who wanted to become an Actuarial Scientist and is now walking steadily towards his dream by entering a college in KL after 统考. The times I met him starting from form 4 was not more than 5 times, but the impression he gave me was so deep that I would never forget. I can still remember the firm voice of his when he told me about his life goal, and the easiness and humorous way he made life simply interesting and fun. I have to say that I couldn’t stop admiring him even until today, 3 years later since we last met. Good to tell that I’ve found one more reason to take Maths subject more seriously because what He doing now is even much tougher than this. Since he can walk through it then why can’t I?

By the way, school cross-country running just finished on 2 days ago. Some tried their best and got onto the top list while some walked through the whole journey like they are visiting Botanical Garden and Jesselton Garden by foot. I was in the middle of both. Thanks to Melissa for accompanying me since the beginning of the race, Yan Ji L for encouraging me to run-faster in the journey (your advice always helps!), and an Indonesian Runner who lead me to exhaustion as I tried to follow his path uphill in Botanical Garden, he showed me how practice and consistency made him up to this stage and how lousy my stamina was. After the activity a few schoolmates and I went Ginny’s house bath, change and make noise before we went to lepak at Gurney Plaza as jio-ed by Yvonne, the cute girl. Ronald is a great friend who did not mind paying the bills for lunch in Pastamania and the doughnuts in Big Apple. People like him, was agreed to be known as “Gentleman” by Jo and I during our years in form 3 but it is not very longer practicable now since we still don’t have to ability to earn a penny yet. ( i guess.)








4 responses to “Como Estas

  1. hola! Buenos dias. Muy bien. Gracias!
    ¿Como estas?
    Woah. You get up early to update your blog huh. Not bad.
    Enjoy your day. =D

  2. fine. I dunno wat u mean. Lol. I just know how to say how are u n good morning n thank you nia. U eh, too chim liao.

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