Dear world,

I had great days all these long for being healthy and alive. I am thankful for having the abilities to do most of the things a Malaysian teenager is allowed to, from song producing, hanging out with friends, get involved in social activities, study, tuition, and stuffs. Thanks for the life of peace and harmony with loving people around. With all these gratefulness, I understand that there are still countless people suffering at this moment, in hunger, pain and deaths. With my luckiness, I knew I have the responsibilities to help them to live a life everybody else deserves.

School is still going on, I am more exposed to complicated human relationships these days. Where gossips is grained with emotions and false paradigms(most of the time), it is quite, useless when it makes people enjoys judging and commenting but gives no constructive ideas. (maybe one out of a few topics.) It prompted me the essentials of quote

“small people talk about others;

normal people talk about things;

great people talk about ideas.”

After going through 9 months of 6th form life and inspired by ROti Wue’s facebook status saying “It is impossible to please everyone around because you are not God”, I am more conceive on the things I want to hold on to, or, at least a clearer direction, instead of trying to please everyone blindly. lol. Thanks for the Life Destiny gave me to learn.

These above are matter of principles, I do not specifically refer to any single person so please don’t feel offended. Besides, I may sound as foolish as gimmicks to you, but it is ok, you can comment if you have an idea. =)

Now I know, my past perfection idea to be like-able to people around, is impossibly ideal. We all have different stands. GF, I respect you. *winks

Nice-same-old-song-which-the-composer-He-does-not-admire (haha) :


Hui Ting.


One response to “Beitlikealife.

  1. Sometimes, you still have to stop, ponder and reflect.
    Being a rottweiler is awesome, but it’s not always a good thing.
    She’s quite an idealist too!

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