Pink roses

It was already the second time I visited Munsterina(Munster’s blog) by all means to listen to her background music> an adorable song called Murmur Murmur. Aww… its so cute! The song matches perfectly with the theme of her page, sweet and lovely. Thanks, Munster! ♥

Proceeding to talk about why I am here.. The reason is party(a Huge part of it) because I had problems in concentrating on my studies.. Hm… why is this happening?? I don’t know! I guess things will become better after splitting out some words here. I’m sorry friends.

And so after listening to Murmur Murmur (the first song I heard made by The Mollies), I am naturally addicted to the rest of their genius productions. Like loving angels whispering letters of affection into your ears and touches your pumping heart directly with a pair of gentle palms, their melodies are simply lovely. Aw.. I’m in love with their voices~!

OKay, dragging back a major sense of sanity, I could finally imagine what I am going to do in the future after seeing another small part of the big big round(or oval) world through being involved in the Girl Guides National AGM 2011, visiting Chess MSSM  2011 at Tg Bungah beach hotel, and going through little-diddle activities that came into life these days. Life’s just got better as each day passes and i grew. Not forgetting You for talking to me for the whole night, thanks my friend!

Good things sometimes do come with bad ones. I have discovered a bad habit of mine every time when I close my eyes and sleep, its the false sleeping posture I use to have. The effect is quite awful as it makes me feel like dying almost every time I wake up as I feel extraordinary tired instead of refreshing. This explains why I enjoy sleeping overtime. I never had enough time to sleep in my past 19 years of life. =/ Hm.. there got to be a way to cure it!

Sharing: One to Ten by the Mollies =)

3 responses to “Pink roses

  1. I guess you’re not alone, I have issues concentrating for the past whole week.
    That was very awful, especially to my kidneys!
    btw, saw your pic in TheStar.

    • Owh hey Hi-5! -.-
      but i dont really get why it is related to kidneys??
      hehe.. how’s the pic? i still have not seen the article yet!!
      was lucky enough to get caught by the reporter for a shot that night. =D
      you read quite a lot of newspapers yea? that day only saw u reading chinese one at home.. now is The Star..

  2. our body carries out self-healing process at different times of the day and kidneys are believed to be doing their jobs at midnight or early morning.
    (look for “main causes of liver damage”)
    there hasn’t been a whole article about the event yet(not sure about Mon’s & Tue’s news), just a photo in the column “Happy Moments” under StarMetro. saw you, mx, hm & yp.

    haha, when i’m not in front of my lappy, i can spend hours reading them which seems to be ridiculous to most people.

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