Strawberry Cheese cake

Dear world,

Today is a Sunday. =) I have been spending the whole day at home doing coordinate geometry and I thought this is a good start. Dad came to me during dinner hour to give me the packet food he bought for me. It was bitter-gourd soup with white rice. I have been seeing that for so many times since months ago and got sick of it. Without second hesitation, I spoke gently that I couldn’t understand why I must always eat this kind of meal which has no other nutrition besides all those a bitter-gourd can have and went out straight away to buy myself something to bite on. When I returned, the packet of soup and rice dad bought is no longer in my room.This, as a sign that he has got along with my refusal.

I am no more showing temper on things with my parents, instead, silently surface my fight for own right to choose as a young lady. But this act, I guess, hurted the man who loves me the most.


Hui Ting.


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