Who you are criticizing me on the things you are performing everyday?
And who I am pointing you back when I do things no much better too?
Then we start philosophizing  whenever we found the chance to approach a Prey(Ho Tia call Listener).

And then the question is, when digging into these great mysteries will not reward a satisfying answer, Why should I care?

He did best in interacting with people without being too straight forward, while I was as sensible as a criminal judge. Defending for the right way and pay energy for so-called theories. I should learn from Him, so that I can become a Happy Doctor(or whatever i may end up being), instead of a lawyer. Or a Psychologist that basically, just consult without making things happen himself.

PS. No doubt a psychologist can be a good mentor.


2 responses to “what?

  1. haha. Thanks for sharing. Sorry for dropping by to kacau.

    I like the fourth paragraph a lot.

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