Keep the mad thing on

I admit that I am such an extremist and pessimist.

Well, there’s no particular only One answer. Things will get over soon. I believe in an insanity way. Who cares? The world is insane. God created human, He partly made how we function and think! So its not a wrong thing for us to do mistake. God programmed us to do so!

What I wanna do, I’ll do. And live a regret-less life. Yay! I may fail, but I will never fail trying.

Hey if you have just arrived, you can read from the first post of the night to get a clue on what’s happening =):


One response to “Keep the mad thing on

  1. Have you been to Church lately??
    I dont have a pen, and my pen is not blue.
    But I have a pair of ears, and I stayed up very late last night as well.

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