sad case

It is tiresome to be home after a long-stretched journey of driving down to the coastal highway to attend a quick event for the weekend and finally realize that I have still homework to finish. Perhaps I should not sleep right away when I come back to the hostel in Aimst at 5 in the afternoon. The 1.5 hour nap obstructed my biological clock. I feel dizzy.

If the people who work in the mamaks were a little more attentive on the phrase “Tak mau pedas” until they manage to overcome their habit of putting sambals into the mee goreng, they could make my day.

If the event that we were attending were a little bit more natural and meaningful. If the smiles between guiders could be true and real. If we had a clear goal and more freedom of speech. If it could be different…


2 responses to “sad case

  1. 加油. =)

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