It was more than an incident; it was a lifelong experience that drove me so far, so far with all that occurred in one night. I had a chance to deal a serious problem with parents who are in their 50’s. It was very surprising that they listen to my words attentively and put my suggestions into serious considerations. Especially the father who said: “Hui Ting, you are mature enough, I want to listen to your opinion.” and once looked at me with a bizarre impression on my quick decision of contribution to him. The moment replays like .wmv files in my mind over and over again. I was impressed of this scene myself, where a middle aged successful man could pay such tribute to a 20 years old little girl. How many humble pies he had to take to do so then? He is great, in the sense of appreciation, and vision to notice capable people.

I could notice how well I manage to put myself into priority settings when shit happens. When I was capable to do a lot of things, I feel safe and secure. This is because my rational instincts and problem solving skills are good enough to get things in line. A lot of decisions may not be the best way, but to my perspective and rationalizing, it is a good move. I place what is needed in the position that it is needed. Shit happens all the time, and not all things come in shape of the way we like. We ought to not exaggerate over petty issues but think our best to get rid of it.

We all have power, it is our capabilities to perform any single activity like to walk, and talk. Sometimes we are blindfolded by our emotions that we forget what we can actually do. We lose our senses, we lose our mind. Sometimes I fall into this, when there people are looking at me with expectations, I got to get rid of these kind of situations.


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