I understand that I cannot be child dish and selective. I understand that I have to be cooperative to all kinds of people and adapt to the situation. I understand that we can no longer choose what we want and cry like a baby so that our parents will suit us.

But here, I need to express some comments about the imperfection of some people. I understand that it is not their fault for being so ignorant, and full of flaws. She thought she is pretty and people ought to listen to her nonsense as long as she puts on a face that thinks that she is cute. Yes she is cute, yes she is pretty but her ignorant makes her as ugly as a toad can be. If truths are to be identified by the beauty of the person who tells it, it could be either Socrates is a beauty or civilization have long died centuries ago.

And some people just do not use their brain, they expect people with more capabilities to help them in everything they do just because they are in the same team. Owh, look at how useless you are, and you are becoming my partner in this? I want to reject but I didnt know how.


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