A vision widened

Xoxhicalco, Small pyramind of Cuernavaca

I went to Cuernavaca in Mexico to attend a seminar of Girl Guides on 11th to 17th of November, it was called the Juliette Lowe Seminar. A prestigious seminar to unleash young women´s leadership potential and develop global knowledge and friendship. Somehow, we got pulled together from different countries from 5 regions and got the hang around together.

Amazingly, what is different was not just the experience to get around in such different place, but also a chance to interact with so many different people from 35 other countries like Lebanon, Pakistan, Canada, Hungary, Korea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Fiji, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherland, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, UK, US, Nepal, Philipines… and yea, each of us practically represent our own country. (out of sudden, I´m Miss Malaysia! wow..) Honestly this is my first time to seriously make friends with Caucasions, and the experience was like.. Wow, Ah Moh! Guan lai lu si aneh eh.. Apparently they are not much difference from us(Asians) except of their appearance and culture. Western people are very out spoken, they talk and socialize a lot. This was impressing, it makes meetings and meals lively and interesting. Another difference of the western people and malaysian is that western people read a lot. They general knowledge is wide and the things they say makes sense, and they can just hoop in any topics you are mentioning.

Generally, Caucasion is just as self-concious as Asians are despite they portrait to be more good-looking that us. They have emotions, nerves, just as much as Asians do. But what draws a line between us when it comes to discussions is English. Native speakers participate very well in most discussions while some of us are struggling to understand, including me. Some times we annoy each other by speaking our mother tongue with people who can understand it. I spoke to Teressa from Hong Kong about the politics of China in breakfast, she was so happy but the african girl opposite of us were utterly quiet. Then I was so into Arabic when Lebanon and Egypt was talking about their action plan in Arabic like they are singing songs. It was beautiful.

Sadly, because of the language, a lot of people cannot pronounce my name:¨Hui¨. Some also got confused by my ´Last name´ that is placed in front, and calls me Lau. Initially, my name tag was ¨Lau Hui¨ until the Chairlady, Joey helped me to make another one. And then I gave the previous one to a little kid in Vamos, a chairable centre that helps to poor. It made him happy. =)

Apparently a lot of people here are kind of awesome, one of the participant that I feel connected to the most is Miss Georgian who has a cute name-Nino. She is a lawyer who helps in legal issues in girl scouts of her country and participated so well in most of the talk in this seminar.  Which erm.. leaves a smile on me when I can think of her and this place. =)


One response to “A vision widened

  1. apparently, you wrote this while you were dozing off at the same time.
    LOL, it’s ANG Moh, not Ah Moh……HAHAH

    Safe trip back!!

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