Taiwan- The heart of Asia

Dear nice people who cares about my post, how are you? ^^

It is a great April.. I have finally finished my Foundation Course in Aimst University as the payback of my lack performance in STPM, and once again officially become a 无业游民 until I enroll back to Aimst in September. ^^

Out of an adventurous and servicio heart, I decided to volunteer as a kindergarten English teacher in Hsin Chu, Taiwan for 2 months, only to find out after booking the air ticket that the job only last for 6 weeks, giving me 2 weeks on my own in Taiwan.


I was shocked of this unexpected plan to be abandoned from the work.

It is quite a blessing that Jerry, our project manager in Taiwan allows me to stay in the Trainee’s house until the day that I am leaving. So that little territory of mine in the house will become my nest for 2 months while I.. am going to bag pack for 2 weeks!!!!

This is still very unexpected. I should have bring along a friend so that we can be safe and take care of each other… Anyone interested to join me in the bag packing trip from 25th May to 11th June 2013? Call me!


3 responses to “Taiwan- The heart of Asia

  1. I am interested but I have schoollllllllllll 😥

  2. this sounds interesting. but i have school toooooo..=(

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