Power of passion

Often our culture promotes us to attach our emotions onto things that we care, of most are negative ones. In a way that the more you suffer, the better it is.
For example when your friend met an accident and broke his/her leg, we shall feel sympathy.

But does it really help?

Negative emotions like stress, pain and sorry push us to work on it to be better like a spur. The question is, will it last as long as passion? How about positive emotions?

Edison invented light bulb with his passion, if he were to worry about the trouble using candles in the absense of a light bulb invention, would he be as successful as he was? I do not believe so.

Detaching negative emotions from a tragedy does not mean that we do not care, it signifies that we cannot afford to lose our strength to be depress, so that we can utilize as much energy to seek for solutions and work to make things better.

Happiness, can push one very far.

The more we wish to accomplish an aim, the more we need to allow ourselves to be happy. Be happy to do it, be happy to face the problem. You will be able to see the situation more clearly, and solve it effectively. Also it gives you energy to preserve through thick and thin.


2 responses to “Power of passion

  1. I like this.

  2. Perhaps to achive passion one may first go through the state of relaxation to reverse stress and then only proceed to the other side of the axis for positive emotions.
    People who can study usually have their mind relaxed, people who can, and enjoy studying is in the positive emotional state. People who cant, and continues to find studying a torture, is in the stressful, negative emotionals state..

    To achive relaxation, we need a lot of practices, to get used to the feeling and go into the state when needed.

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