See saw seen

Let me tell you what i saw
Taiwanese generally have good attitude in working and managing personal life standard like attire, housing and hygiene. Like Japanese, they describe and detail steps in the things they do and observe.

Malaysians, like other tropical or rich natural resources country, are lazy.

Youngsters today, no matter Taiwanese or Malaysian are equally materialistic and do not link happiness together with work.
Another day of studying/working is another day of hell.
Because we never suffer the pain of poor and helpless.
We want to enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Good food, grooming, all the pretty luxurious things are what we are pleased off.

Unless the person has a religion that gives some obligation, the rest just have nothing good to plan and do.

Needless to say we have ever felt for the poor and needy. Somehow, we just know their existence, talked about it angrily and doesn’t really do something, or never thought about anything we can do for them.


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