Ego and Hierarchy

There is this thing in medical field.
Doctors who saved lives and knowledgable in medical field believe only in empirical knowledge, which are experimented thoery that has been proven. The disbelief in unproven theories like home, or traditional remedies protects them from countless questioning on medical procedures. It is good for their practice.

But there is one thing.. to have theories to be proven, we need tedious procedures and funding on each experiments and clinical trials right from formation of hypothesis until publication of research and reviews.

Companies that sponsors research look for return in their investments. Self healing, herbal medication does not come with as much profit as a proven drug/or medical facility to be marketed. There may be some sponsorships that has genuine good cause of charity, but the big bosses in medical field are big pharmas.

More and more research are being done on drugs than self healing. Physicians trust these. Self remedies remain as always unproven and non reliable.

Patients become more and more drug dependant as they get sick, instead of learning to recover by the body’s own immunity and homeostasis.

Well, this seem to be the current trend of medical field. We do not have answer for essential hypertension, stress despite countless research may be because we are looking for the wrong solution by trying on drugs.

I am new to this field. Today my medicine lecturer’s criticizing reaction on alternative medicine was a little bit exaggerated.
Maybe they are just fed up with too many nonsense that patients question them with… 🙂


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