My current group leader would lie and put blame onto others just to avoid any fault onto her despite the truth.
its a first time of mine meeting such shameless person who could ignore her own guilt(if she ever have one) and able to do anything onto other.
she is a devil whos facts we have to listen carefully to recognise the lie, and whos pityful expression we ought to ignore everytime we talk to her and whom we have to keep distance to avoid putting blame on no matter how much you have helped her as a friend.

Does she even have a heart?

Well.. from this encounter, i start to believe why cooperate life could be difficult with the competition promoting survival self protection..
a person can behave as bad as he or she wants to be without a sense of guilt..

Beware you kind people.. we have to be smart so that we can continue being kind people.. if not we’ll just be kind dead people, or once kind until betrayed.. you know what i mean.


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