Evil 2

This is about her who never speaks truth to avoid admiting her own fault or put blame, yet shows zero sign of guilt.

I couldn’t helped it but went to seek opinion about her from a psychologist that i know.

It turns out that she is a pathological liar. Which in her past for some reason she develop fear of being blamed. (The reasons could be a traumatic experience, strict parents or having an example of behavior around, etc.)

Her fear, makes her anxious or stressed when a responsibility is given to her, for example a task. The anxiety might not be able to seen from outside, only she feels that. Causes hypoxia in the brain. She becomes less alert, distorted perception, and judgement, thus makes the wrong action, in simple words fail to fulfill her task.

We remember what we perceive. Since her perception is unclear due to the influence of her anxiety, she cannot remember what exactly happened nor if she has done her work as told or not.

Therefore when asked, her fear of being put blammed makes her confabulate evidences. She tries to create story of what she wish to believe to make her broken memory makes sense. That the end point is, she did her job very well and if anything happens it is somebody’s fault.

As much as my friend knew was aware of, she has been like that since high school.. means she has practiced a lot of confabulation, it makes her really good in making her story sounds true by selecting the details that supports her, ignoring the details that are against her and adding a bunch of lies. Honestly if i have never witness the truth, i would believe her amazingly complete ‘truthful’ side of the story, in which she also managed to convinced herself to believe in.

To say she is 100% innocent is impossible, she must have voluntarily done it and makes it a habit. But it is her fear and anxiety that makes her malfunction. Some simple task that anyone could deliver came out to be a mess from her.

Though she is good in her own, nobody will question her on the things she does herself; whenever she works with people, she gain nothing but distrust.


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