Moving out

So this is my first time looking for rooms outside of the campus..
I have finally decided that quality of sleep, study, homecook food and freedom is more important than being with friends and the campus facilities that i never use.

I have found 4 single rooms and 1 house. All with good offers of different aspects.
The best one, is the house, but i would have to find 2 housemates on my own.
Giving the situation that my friends are not being allowed to stay outside due to safety purpose, I went around asking for anyone who would be willing to move in. There has yet to be a confirmed answer from anyone depite the efforts.

My God, the feeling of uncertainty is getting me crazy due to my desperation onto it..
I am excited and went everywhere sharing the pictures of the house, got reciprocating comments, but nobody said “I do”.

Its been only 3 days since i saw it, i kept thinking about it.. got very unsettling.. and sleepless..

Dude… calm down Hui Ting…
Your life has more things than it.
And the insomnia would make you crazy..

Even if i do not get the house, it is not the end anyway….. 🙂 right?


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