Talking about my new housemates who are housemen couple in the master bedroom… The girl is still extremely closed up and unfriendly.. it kind of make me sad though.. as if another word I speak that might intrigue her privacy and there is nothing she wish to know about another person who is staying in the same house with them.

The guy is still fine though.. he greets.

It is fine for them.. they have each other.. but I am all on my own.. comparing to the previous hostel life where we have 4 per room and 12 per house.. it’s a change .. especially when the house is nicely furnished like a home, but the people are nothing close to it.

Perhaps not all thing will go in my way, including how other people decides to treat me. I have been kind and offer help within limits.. there is nothing I can do except observing the natural history of relationship progress.. 🙂


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