As a continuation from a post in 2015 I am certain that everyone of us live in our own perceived world.

We believe that we see and interprets based on our respective knowledge and experiences.

That is why a person’s image is so important, it shows who we are to others minimally at the first sight.

In truth we could be a kind and amazing person, but see in a social interaction, if we do not smile, we are just another unfriendly person to others, unless they have seen the good part of us.

This is how sticking with a pack of buddies/ loving family for a long time spoils us. They have seen many sides of us and love to live with it. We do not need to act kind to them, and get used to showing our worst sides. But new friends need to see the good sides, to form impression and ideas about us. They can’t see our happy smile easily cause we are genuinely happy with our pack, and forgot be nice for others to perceive. Sometimes the old friends make us so comfortable that we forgot why is there even a need to be nice to new people?


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