Have you ever wonder why men wear one type of suit to all formal events while women changes gowns from an emperor gowns to mermaid tail, having to choose a different one in all kinds of function?

While appreciating the advantage to wear all kinds of dresses that flatters, I tried to figure out the reason.

One that I have found so far is that a man is appreciated by what is in his mind, and his capabilities, instead of how good he looks. Well.. undoubtedly men look good in simple classic suits. But why they are allowed to repeat their suits, while ladies are looked in a different way if they repeat the dress, and why not just wear a really nice, and flattering classic to all events like men? It does not have to be a suit.

I was influenced by the idea of minimalism, and being poor. lol.

It came to me that a nice flattering dress can, and shall be able to be worn to difference occasions repeatedly. I wish too, to be appreciated by merely my presence, wit and skills more than the fashion show I try to put on.

A little black dress


Just like a simple black dress that fits and flatters. I have worn this dress to many occasions, including classes, meet ups, beach, dinner, and a concert, simply because it is comfortable and convenience.
Though it doesn’t look like one… it sort of essentially fits into the definition of a suit for me. =)

No matter the gender, I guess we shall all be allowed to repeat attires, be simple whenever felt like, while allowing our ac-companion who likes to dress up takes the spotlight, still.. regardless of gender.


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