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How to study effectively

I have been wondering on this question since high school. Sometimes my studying method worked, sometimes it was counterproductive.

Divide method into three:
environmental, physiological and cognition.

Environmental is simple, only one key- no distraction. No noise, good lighting, good chair, changes sitting position if you feel uncomfortable, if is even fine to shake around. As long as you are good, and able to concentrate.

Physiologically, studying is a work to be done. We need fuel and a good machine- not just the brain but a good and comfortable body.
Therefore adequate nutrients like nuts, banana helps the brain to obtain enough neurotransmitter to function,
For the body, a full stomach get rids of distraction thinking when to eat next; optimum sleep keeps the brain from exhaustion. It is best to practice routinal sleeping habit, best sleeping time is by 11pm. You will be surprised how well the brain functions like a BMW car engine compare to Proton which slept at 2am.

Cognition, is more towards the abstract part.
To learn, means to register, interpret, storage and recollection.

To register we need to know what it is all about. Memory starts to form the minute we read the first sentence about a topic. It is best to tell the brain where exactly to store them so that the remaining 30 pages of texts storage goes easily where they belong.
Start with a frame work, for example, a surgery topic about thyroid gland. Read through the outline of subheadings like anatomy, Physiology, clinical presentation of hypo and hyperthyroidism, history taking, examination, management and investigation. From this we just told ourselves that ok, so there are 7 things we need to know about thyroid. Get a simple description about each subtopic. Just a grasp of the concept is good enough. This so call mind map will help the brain allocate subsequent incoming information easier. Same goes to reading the content of a book before starting it.
This can be done on the night before a lecture, where we just briefly flip through pages.

Next understand the whole thing thoroughly without rushing to memorize.
What is it all about. Memory is hard to lose unless we did not understand what is it all about at the first place. Thus the brain does not know how to register it.
This is done in lectures.

Thirdly, interpret in a logical manner to form connection between each facts and examples. It can be in your own way, as long as it makes sense. Try to identify key word and highlight them in the brain. This further prompt the connection between each subtopic and in them. The key is logical connection. It will be helpful to relate with previous memory or simply daily examples.

Finally, now we understand and so call learnt about the chapter.
It is time to organize the points in order for easy storage. In the sense, to memorize it. Pneumonic, graphic, sound, anything is great as long as it works for you. Personally, my memory very well with demonstration. So I like to explain it to my friend just to hear myself saying it again, and to clear any doubts I might have missed. My visual memory of the experience taking to friends stays quite well.

Now the memory is formed as a recent one in our brain.

Repeat it as much as possible to make it into long term memory. Use it in daily examples, discuss, practice and teach others. Practice makes perfect. It goes on days, months, years, and one day a once tough topic might just sound as easy as nursery rhymes to you.

That’s how our professors made it. Hah!

The 2-5 steps may not happen in the same sequence as sometimes, we might just remember the list but do not understand until the 55th times we talk about it and it goes like Owh! That’s what it all about!

What is your method? 🙂



Warning: Book review about killing, genocide and nothing found in our beautiful lies of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.


I was amazed to have read a book known as Love in a Torn Land by Jean Sasson.

Which the detailed description on first few chapters has left me nightmares and delayed the reading until 1 year later.

It is a tale telling of the real life experience of a Kurdish girl born in Iraq at the time the country was ruled by ruthless Saddam Hussein. The Baathist party led by Saddam hated the Kurds, and executed merciless restrictions, arrest, genocide onto the innocent civilians. For their only crime was their race.

The writer, Jean Sasson is a British and she penned Joanna’s story through interviewing her. Joanna displayed great courage, optimism in good hope for survival, fight and peace. Simultaneously her undying love for family, Kurdistan and her heroic husband.

In a 3 days indulged reading of 400 pages, I found myself vividly living the horrors of Joanna, the teller of her memories whom how her relatives suffered in the prison and torments, how she as a young girl had longed to live the life of Kurdistan freedom fighters known as Pershmega to liberate themselves from the insane genocide. It was similar to the Jewish escape from the Nazis. Just less famous and on smaller scale. Still cruel.

Seeing her brothers and her kind suffered, she then married a freedom fighter of her dream and started the struggle with him. Running for lives from bombing, chemical attacks, surviving on scarce resources, had a miscarriage due to the harsh condition.

To many like her who were on the same land, they  had not been lucky enough to live to tell the tale. I am not going to elaborate on the craziness Baathist has done onto the poor Kurds unless being asked. Such acts are beyond my acceptance on human rights and merely, pain, hunger, disabilities, despair, more pain and eventually death in the most unimaginable ways.

Do not be afraid.

Indeed. This is not a fairy tale of beautiful beaches and sunshine.

It is how insane a person can go in brutalizing the life of another human being, I mean another thousands.

Perhaps just because of the hatred implanted onto another race, and lack of understanding.

The story ended with the refugee sought by Joanna and her husband at England, and a victory against Saddam by the Kurds, in 2007.

But after checking the news I know now that peace for the Kurds did not last long. As stupid Daesh(ISIS) expands its military rage on northen Iraq, forcing the Kurdish fighters-Pershmega no choice but to fight against this multibillion well-resourced terrorists with their limited weapons.

If you did not expected this and do not know how to process this shock, keep reading. (so that you become numb.. haha.)


The first time I experienced such anger or hate onto war was when I heard about the merciless of Japanese when they invaded China and Malaysia. I learnt those at the age of 6, gradually listen as mother told me granny’s childhood, seeing piles of bodies behind the current Gama shopping mall after bombing, and how she used to play with her friends near the Japanese army camp so that the unguarded Japanese soldiers gave them some salt and other little groceries to bring home. How my grandfather starved in the midst of Bukit Kepong, Johor’s forests. In Nanjing, men and women was tired onto wires in hundreds and burnt to death. (Yup, I told you to keep reading.) I am thankful that they survived, yet filled with a constant hate towards the Japanese and wondering why nobody has launched a revenge or at least boycott onto Japanese products, and anime. Then, more stories come to my conscious growing mind.

I watched The Pianist. This is a movie about the time in World War II where a Jewish pianist who had been sent to concentration camps, and his struggle to escape. I moved by the heart touching moments and the art in shooting this movie. At the end of crying and laughing, I was terrified.

At the age of 14, I could not process the image of such cruelty, nor accepting the reality happened that contradicts so much from the beautiful world that I am living in. I told myself, this is absurd!

Two years later brother passed me the Diary of Anne Frank. A diary of a young girl at my age who were hiding in the attic with her family during the Holocaust.

Thanks to my mother, and brother. I now have a good insight and awareness on the poor civilians during war and inequality.

As I grew, I read about the Taliban, Rohingya, Indonesian Chinese Genocide, and then the Middle East. And changed my perspective from negative to better.

Do not be afraid.

There is hope for change.

For we were taught in our culture that a genuinely kind person do not need to be on top or afflicted to forces. Do good and good will come to you.

That is a lie. Do good, and be strong, because evil doesn’t select his victim. One day, you have to be tough enough to defend yourself, you love ones or just merely for justice. In this world, the strongest survive and rule. Whoever rich and powerful sets the rules.

And most important, yet absurdly. Be nice to the bad, for their lack of experience onto affection and kindness shaped their inner demons.

There are reason bad people becomes bad. Superstitious people including my respected forensic lecturer told me it’s born in blood. I ought not to resolve in such hasty conclusion and to identify the cause and uproot it. For if not we will have endless business fighting against them, or sitting comfortably in our serenity reading news about Daesh(ISIS). Feeling lucky it’s not us.


Thank you for reading. =)

Life today

My friend has been observing my phone drop test as my clumsiness surfaces in rush and being places in a slippery pocket of my new favorite slack.
There is more scars now..

I do not blame myself from being caught up for batch work and social issues/activities and have been forgetting about studies..
Social works have sounds, people, voices, noises, and movements; while books have have merely words and pictures with less interactions..

Being a person who is attracted to sound, i am completely normal in being Kaypo of things happening around. Everybody knows it matters, but i get interested in after listening.

Maybe i shall try some audio books to get my attention back to studies.

On the other hand,
My life has been interestingly busied with lots of encounter..
I feel sick sometimes.. hope its not cancer.

Dear Chemistry test Failures…

No offense, I’m one of the failures.

This study guide should be useful although I know that nobody will spend so much time to read until the end(or until Exam Preparation tips.)

I am not afraid of you being smarter than me, or.. perhaps, you really are!!

Best the All!