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Nothing better than this to speak the beautiful dreams that lived in my imaginations since young. =)



Mr Men and Little Miss!

World, look!

Characters of Mr Men series

Hey, it’s 9th of May! As reminded by Google, today is the 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves, a famous children books cartoonist and illustrator who made the popular work of decades such as Mr Men and Little Miss that inspired the childhood of many in the 20th century. His books were then made into tv cartoon series after being sold for millions of copies in 20 languages worldwide. The colorful and lively characters reminded me of happy childhood memories with countless stories and toys.

Watching the cartoons of Mr Happy and Mr Forgetful brightened my day like flowers in the air. =) Some of the special things that made it diverse from current entertainment sources are the slow but lively pace of the illustration and a simple but contented feeling it expresses with positive values. As one of the video was commented by a Youtube user: “Every Mr. Men and Little Miss have very unique personalities. They also have rhythm in their hearts, too!” I was infected by it to smile. =)

Thanks Youtube for giving us an alumni for gifted video sharing.

Ting. =D

A Charlie

Charlie, (BOTH boys in the video below -.-) is an insane funny British youtube video maker who is already making 120 vids from various range of things around him. He caught my eye on youtube so I feel like sharing to You one of its own made Magical Duet Video. =)

Paparazzi Acoustic

Was lingering on youtube and found something nice(including the lady’s shirt!).. =D

Hope you’ll like it too!

Talking about Chess lovers CNY party.

    I agreed with fat’s suggestion that day, to do a CNY party for all the chess lovers and friends. I volunteered to be one of the organizers on the next second. I guess I am getting sick of organizing stuffs. Since the year I became guides Orchid patrol second, I lowly get inflected; I enjoyed pulling everyone out to do something. My outgoing thoughts never change, I just like to organize events and make people happy. Dad nags about mom doing the Chinese New Year Street Party without earning even a penny, but mom never cares. She told me it is to maintain Chinese culture. While for me, it is just for fun, and I don’t know why.. It just makes me feel great after making a successful outing.

We planned this thing few days ago; I hope everyone can make it especially those who went to thong’s parties last year. I do think that sitting in somewhere in a sleepless night is quite a waste of time, so this time I got to try to make it as interesting as we can. We are collecting 25 "yes" to confirm this organizing.. Feel Free to click on "Chess lovers CNY party" to have a short visit about the details. Thanks! ^^


Chess lovers CNY party!

Chess lovers CNY party!

Hosted by:

3 sch rep: Uhs-Hui Ting, Clhs-Wei Yang, Pfs-boon wue & sau fat

Date and time:

Saturday, February 09, 2008 at 4:00 PM

Location name:

will be confirmed within these few days. (batu ferringhi apartments)

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