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How are you?

My days were fine..
Just fine..

I felt the importance of having smartphones and data so strongly after using it for almost half a year..
Still.. i got to thank my loving sistars for encouraging me to get one all these while..
And also, one way to prevent addiction is to reduce as many games as possible 😉

Take care!


Hello 2012!

Hi, I’m back, and black. 😉   – Sanjeevwa

I have graduated from 6th Form, currently looking for any tunnel to further my studies. Hopefully there’s somewhere to go to.

How are you? =)

Busy Penguins

Say Hi to AhhhChlorine Newbies! =DDD


The blog is going to be abandoned for revitalization until 2012.

(OMG, End of the world!!)

With all due respect and appreciation, thanks to everyone of you for spending your time here. Your visit is always welcomed.



A Dedicated Post

This is for Wan Cing:

Happy 19th Birthday!

Take care and good luck in your belief.

I love you.


and Mei Xhi:


Hui Ting.

Rainy day..

Thank God!

you are alive today. =)

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it means that your internet line is functioning smoothly, so as the electronic device.


Heappy CNY!

Its another day of Chinese New Year.. I am considered 19 now.. It feels totally different to be at home helping with the dinner preparation. I found that I have knew more, more sensible, or just More mature with the ability to help in all kinds of stuffs where a 12 years old cannot. I am thankful, for growing up, and being able to stay at home in this festive season. Some things I have noticed at home, but I find no words to tell. Maybe next time.

Happy Chinese New Year! Have a Lovely Bunny Year! =)

For Hiao Po no.1

NOthing much, just wanted to wish her a happy birthday..
Oh no, You are getting old..
Happy 16th Birthday! Joanne.
Forget the bad things, jump and be wild for whatever you feel like because..
I’m with you.
…… A gift? how about a true friend’s smile. Lol..

Happy Chinese New Year



I’m late, but I just want to wish everyone having a Happy Chinese New Year.
There are still 13 days of it.
My first two CNY 2008 was great.
It was really like a carefree holiday, to different places with mom and dad without my brother who has got kidnap by his girl friend.
I hope you guys enjoyed the first two days with your family too. =)


Don’t forget your culture too. 
That’s one of the few the elders left for us…