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Looking back

So I was convinced with the Kon Mari method and stated practicing it to clear and reorganize my belongings. It uses the basis of going through all items one by one to only keep things that sparks joy instead of focusing on discarding items.


I first organized those belongings in my rented room in Sungai Petani in January.
As most items were accumulated in recent 4 years of study life so it isn’t too bad to go through all of them.

Now I tried practicing it at my very own room in Penang.
It is the base where i store all the things that matters to me since small.
I only completed reviewing my clothes today,
and noticed the number of clothes I kept for girl guides, is the most.
There are uniforms, souvenir shirts and those good T i kept in case i need to go camping again..

It occured to me that guiding has been a huge part of my life.
Despite not being able to dedicate too much time and effort to it, it still stays in my heart.

Then there are some signed shirts from other activities, and the form 5 graduation T-shirt..
I discarded the signed shirts, kept the graduation T anyway..


It is amazing how time has passed. Looking back at high school, I am almost 25 y/o now.
Many struggles, and things that had mattered so much now longer do.

Perhaps whatever misery it is that we are now having, it will go away eventually..


Woof,Woof.. Huh??









table n chair


Art is extremely fun.

But it is quite useless..

Would you agree so?




1 hour

Tried some tricks with Photoshop..

This is the original Picture

<Wraped, for her.>




<I’m serious>
Nothing much but changing the effects.
Do comments kay?

No more lovely album~

Just found out that the whole album I got are just rubbish.
Sorry for writting a blank check.
I used up a few hours for them, and now I dont feel like wasting others’ time viewing crap.
There are a few of the least I found "okay".
Last but not least, I made 3 diff types of path lights using adobe.
Do choose ur fav one among them kay?
That’s my most satisfying pic out of 200 images I got that day.
Happy viewing. Thanks.

It is capturing time again.

    And again, I upload those photos of USM indiv open and Queenbay. I’m getting bored of taking photos of theirs. They just like to Run Away from me…  With my uncle’s 3.2 MP camera most of those I’ve got are blured, it makes people feels uncomfortable while viewing. I changed my target to others, to practice my angle and light capturing. Please do comment on those in my album if you feel like, critics are welcomed.
This is a video of those taken by the PRO’s. Entitle-Masters of Photography. I hope you will enjoy it.
Photographing is just so fun. ^^


    As you know, I enjoy taking pictures and EVERYTHING I find it nice. I feel very uncomfortable since I lost the chance to do so.. It was in the last holidays, my brother spoiled the camera lance while I spoiled my own hand phone. A camera is a "permintaan" of mine. I enjoy keeping all the good moments and view in a memory card and then upload to share. It has been almost a month! They are still in the hospitals.. As people always say, we never learn to appreciate something until we lose it… But I am missing them badly! By the way, I would like to show my appreciation to my GF too, she is one of those who affected me enjoy taking photos like mad.
    I borrowed my uncle’s camera and my mom’s phone, but I can’t keep them always with me. I missed out those interesting sceneries and the best views. As an example, I saw lightning in the dark sky just now, it was extremely amazing. It is just too bad that I did not manage to capture it… I shall say the sky is the best gift from God, from morning until night, different colors and sceneries. They are all so fantastic. Here’s a quote from me: "Whenever you think life is dull as there is no good looking boys and girls walking on the streets, look up to the sky! There is the most beautiful one above you.I admire the fascinating photos taken by professional photographers. A press of the button at different times and angles would make a big difference. Your eyes will tell you that it’s a "good" image and they enjoy viewing it.^^
    Among a thousand of photos I took, I find only a few good ones. That is part of the reason my brother kept teasing me as I took rubbish. I admit, and I no longer want him to label my photos with a "R". I am learning! Well, and the other reason he says that is also because he wants to get into trouble with me. That’s why brother and sister like us always fight. No matter where and when.
    As I have been losing my camera and phone for such a long time, I really hope they would be done soon. I don’t enjoy using my cousin’s ex-phone as a replacement of mine… In case you did not know that, I dropped my phone into the toilet bowl that dizzy morning.. But the bowl was clean k..! It just got wet. =.=
These are some reasons we should love the sky, I grabbed from the internet… Enjoy!
JD ratter, Shetland Photographer
Lake scenery
Snow and shadow